Firmer skin with natural vitamin C and double collagen

It's natural to have firm skin in your 30s but can you still have naturally firm skin at all ages after that?

The answer is yes - if you use effective plant nutrients that encourage your skin to keep producing lots of collagen. 

Getting older usually means that collagen begins to break down. As a result, skin elasticity and tone gradually decrease - and keep decreasing.

Foreign collagen won't give firmer skin

We hear a lot about anti-ageing collagen collagen collagen but this always involves putting foreign proteins (animal or fish, sometimes even from human placentas) onto or in your body. This can't and doesn't give results - our body doesn't work like that. It can't use any collagen it didn't make itself for increasing elasticity and skin firmness.

What does work to keep skin firm and vital at any age is encouraging your own body to up its production of collagen. - this is the very important step to having firmer skin at any age.

Natural vs synthetic vitamin C and collagen production

Ascorbic acid (synthetic vitamin C) products are marketed as collagen stimulators that give firmer skin. In fact, the opposite happens.

Ascorbic acid aka synthetic vitamin C are used in skin care products because they irritate skin and give a sort of temporary skin plumping - in the same way as a bee sting temporarily swells skin. Over time this irritating of skin makes it flabby - hardly a skin firming success story.

Real firming skin results come by using effective amounts of 'real' vitamin C from fresh extract of Rosehip husks. Importantly it is the bioflavonoids in this fresh extract that stimulate skin to produce collagen.

Additionally, because Simplicité products never rely on just one star ingredient, naturopath and herbalist David Lyons formulates synergistic combinations of plant extracts that either encourage skin to produce collagen or firm skin in other ways. 

Collagen creams, supplements don't work

Usual advice on how to have firmer skin is to

  1. use a skin cream containing collagen
  2. take a collagen supplement.

But as mentioned earlier, ‘added’ collagen methods can't help skin.

Collagen creams

Creams containing collagen don't work because skin can't absorb the huge collagen molecule.

Even if skin could absorb the animal or marine collagen, what would it then achieve. This is dead collagen, it's inactive because our own skin didn't make it. 

Plant extracts that stimulate collagen, firm skin

Medicinal grade plant extracts in Simplicité products firm skin in a couple of different ways. 

1. Stimulate skin to produce collagen, increase elasticity, firmness

2. Inhibit breaking down of elastin, collagen

What achieves this? It is the effective levels of active compounds used across the Simplicité range. Actives such as citral, flavonoids, limonene, phenols, linalool, thymol, eugenol, carvacrol and monoterpenes, to name just a few.

All Simplicité products improve skin firmness, for both face and body.

For the face, improve skin firmness with regular use of nutrient rich Simplicité cleansers, exfoliators, face oils, serums, moisturisers and masks

Skin firmers with vitamin C, double collagen 

Some Simplicité products even give a double collagen firming result.

These stimulate collagen production and also, inhibit the breaking down of collagen and elastin.

One Simplicité double collagen product is Results Lift Gel, (RLG) a skin reviving gel that firms skin and increases elasticity and firmness with every application.

Fresh extracts in RLG that encourage collagen production

Rosehip (fresh extract of seed husk) - encourages collagen formation because it is rich in natural vitamin C and accompanying skin firming bioflavonoids.

Cornsilk -  encourages collagen formation because it is of the few herbs that contain the scientifically identified compound Allantoin, a natural anti-inflammatory which is believed to promote cell regeneration.

Calendula – encourages collagen formation because it is a source of provitamins essential for skin firming.

Rice Bran - encourages collagen formation because of the essential skin building nutrients and anti-ageing anti-oxidants it contains.  

Fresh extracts in RLG that inhibit breaking down of collagen, elastin

Mandarin - firms loss of tone, restores elasticity and radiance, relaxes facial muscles; improves appearance of scars and sun damage lines.

Petitgrain - tones and firms, encourages formation of connective tissue. 

Lemongrass - has an antioxidant effect so acts as a free-radical scavenger,

Never too late to stimulate collagen, firm skin

The sooner you start using firming skin care products the better the results will be. When you continually stimulate your skin to produce more collagen you achieve firmer skin - it's inevitable.

It's never too late to start.

Take Joan, who is happy with her firmer skin at age 60 though she only began using Simplicité products four years ago.

Joan's skin suffered sun damage and dehydration because she grew up in the world's harshest place for fair skinned people - Queensland, Australia.

But though Joan says she wishes she'd found Simplicité products earlier, she is happy with her dramatic skin improvement, particularly increased firmness."

"You're losing weight." "No, it's my firmer skin." 

Joan's friends regularly comment on her improved skin.

One particular one: "always comments that I'm losing/have lost weight. Sadly I’m not losing that much weight, in fact it’s the Results Lift Gel doing a sensational job of firming my face and neck."

best firming skin product

Firmer skin at age 60 - Joan Rowe saw results for improved skin firmness 

Compare skin firming skin care products

Check the ingredient diagrams below to see how effective amounts of nutrients are used in Results Lift Gel but not in the second product.

Results Lift Gel
Claims: adds firmness and elasticity to skin with each application.

Natural vitamin C and double collagen in the best skin firming product

Other Simplicité double collagen products include Rosehip and Lavender Complexion Refiner and RL (Reduce Lines) Serum.


Lucent Facial Concentrate 
Claims: soothes, replenishes and balances skin with a complex blend of anti-oxidant, hydrating and conditioning ingredients.

From the Simplicité nutritive point of view there can be no lasting results for skin from using this product. The main ingredient is Ascorbic Acid which is used as a skin irritant to achieve a temporary 'plumping' of skin. 

The claimed results from 'antioxidant, hydrating and conditioning ingredients' is impossible as these are used at 1% or less volume in the product.

 Synthetic vitamin C (ascorbic acid) not effective skin firming

collagen firming vitamin c

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