Best skin calming treatment during and after Efudex treatment

Discomfort, itching and blistering eased during Efudex treatment.
Help skin recover quickly after Efudex.

"I was about to start a 15 day Efudex treatment for actinic keratosis on my face. I had read some scary Efudex experiences and was very nervous.

However, I happened to see Nolene Woods' story about how greatly Damask Rose Day Creme by Simplicité Skin Care had eased her discomfort during Efudex treament. I also received great support from Robin Lyons at Simplicité, who answered all of my questions.

So, I was a lot calmer when I started my Efudex treatment because I'd ordered and received my Damask Rose Day Creme and knew that it was skin specialist approved to be used each day with the Efudex fluorouracil cream.

Days 1-10 minimal discomfort Efudex routine

Pain free Efudex - first 15 daysDays 1-10 minimal discomfort Efudex Treatment

Each day a.m. and p.m. I would wash my face, apply a thin layer of the Efudex and two hours later apply the Damask Rose Day Creme (DRDC) For the first 10 days, my face became red and blotchy but the DRDC kept my face soft and pain free.

Days 11-15 minimal discomfort Efudex Treatment

Days 11-15 minimal discomfort Efudex routine

From day 11 to 15 of my treatment, the redness covered most of my face, became more intense, stung and felt tighter after applying Efudex.

When I applied the DRDC two hours later it stung a bit for about two minutes and then I felt no discomfort whatsoever for the rest of the day.

I did the same thing before bedtime and slept without any difficulty.

Post treatment - minimal discomfort Efudex routine

Pain free Efudex Treatment
Three weeks after the treatment - "I'm very happy!"

During the post treatment phase, my face improved considerably every day, with no pain, just a little itchy for about a week. During this time, I used the DRDC a few times more during the day to relieve the itching.

Three weeks after my treatment with daily and nightly use of this wonderful cream, my face looked and felt really good. I'm very happy!

Damask Rose Day Creme is amazing and I can’t write enough about it.
I will continue using it as part of my daily routine. I simply love it."
L.C. - Canada

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