Improve the look and feel of skin during and after Efudex

Improve the look and feel of your skin during and after Efudex treatment. More than 98% of customers say Damask Rose helped soothe discomfort, itching and blistering.

Nolene's Efudex story

Nolene discovered a revolutionary, soothing antidote to painful side effects of Efudex skin cancer treatment.
"From day one, for two weeks, I suffered terrible discomfort. Nothing helped and I had weeks more to endure. But I was very lucky to chance upon Damask Rose Day Creme. It gave me instant relief.

I hope sharing my story helps make it widely known that Damask Rose Day Creme really works to relieve discomfort during Efudex skin cancer treatment. Please learn from my Efudex experience; find and use Damask Rose from day one of Efudex. That's the only way to never suffer as I did through weeks of agony with burning, cracking skin.

2024 "I've been using this wonderful cream ever since I discovered it, as well as many other Simplicité products. My skin has never been better."
Nolene Wood

"I was in a lot of pain in week two of a month-long treatment for my whole face using Efudex fluorouracil cream for sun damage, including early BCCs (basal cell carcinomas).

My skin started burning after the first application of Efudex cream and this got progressively worrse two weeks this got progressively worse. I was in constant pain.

But then a phone call changed everything. Talk about serendipity.

I'm a website designer and the caller wanted help with her website, Simplicité Skin Care, the plant extract skin care company she owned with her husband.

As we chatted, I scrolled the site. Product reviews were impressive with many positive, sometimes life-changing results. Must be connected, I thought, with the herbalist and naturopath formulator’s “fresh and concentrated, skin friendly plant extracts”.

I asked Robin which of their products would soothe skin during skin cancer treatment.


Relieve pain during Efudex treatment

Vaseline gave me no relief for discomfort while using Efudex

Unless you have used Efudex yourself or known someone going through the treatment it's difficult to understand the sort of pain and discomfort you experience over the entire period of using it.

You constantly want to scratch and rub your face. You have to wear a face with no expression; no smiling or frowning - because doing any of those hurts. Your sleep is disturbed and you even have to eat with a teaspoon because it hurts to open your mouth more than just a tiny bit.

The doctor’s advice for pain relief during the treatment was to apply Vaseline to the affected areas a few times daily. I’d been doing this, but not only did it give no relief, but each application felt as if I was rubbing razor blades across my face.

Simplicité Damask Rose Day Creme takes the fear out of Efudex treatment

Robin recommended Damask Rose Day Creme and said she’d post one to me. As soon as I received it the following morning I applied some to my face.

It felt so beautiful and smooth but the main thing was - I could not believe how my face suddenly felt normal again. The burning and itching stopped. Then, I didn’t feel any need to touch my face again until I next used the Efudex cream a couple of hours later.

I was so surprised and relieved that I emailed David Lyons, the naturopath and herbalist who formulates and makes Simplicité products, to ask how this product could help me so much.

David said it's because he makes Damask Rose Day Creme (and all his range) using various synergistic combinations of “100 herbs” of highest possible activity (medicinal grade). From these herbs, he uniquely makes his own "as strong as possible" extracts. David tells me he hates with a passion, the weak, 'dead' plant extracts (more glycerin and water than any plant!) that are the skincare industry's standard. “That", "he says, "plus the tiny percentages used, mean products that can't possibly give positive, lasting skin results".

Calendula, Chamomile and Rose Geranium are three of Damask Rose's nine soothing, nourishing plant extracts. An example of their high activity is a study that showed wounds treated with medicinal grade Chamomile extract healed significantly faster than those managed with 1% hydrocortisone cream (without its side effects).

From that time on I would apply Efudex cream in the morning, wait two hours then apply Damask Rose Cream. It helped so much that, hours later, I would realise I hadn't thought about my face, or pain, at all.

I would only remember how horribly red it was getting when I looked in the mirror.

In the evening I would wash my face again and reapply Efudex, then before bed, the Damask Rose. Doing this gave me a good night’s sleep.

Best pain soother for Efudex treatment

In weeks 3 and 4 the cream stung for a couple of minutes at first

By the time I got to weeks 3 and 4 of the Efudex treatment my skin was very, very raw so on first applying it, the Damask Rose Cream really stung for about two minutes.

I would count to 100, at which point my skin would suddenly settle down and stop stinging. Then, the cream completely soothed discomfort in the same way it had been doing since the beginning of the treatment.

Best pain soother for Efudex

Dermatologist approved using soothing Damask Rose Day Creme during Efudex treatment

At my three-week check-up I showed my dermatologist what I was using instead of Vaseline. He looked through the ingredient list and said it was fine to keep on with what I was doing as the Damask Rose Day Creme didn’t contain anything that would hinder Efudex treatment.

I continued using Efudex for just over four weeks and towards the end I was applying Damask Rose Day Creme three to four times a day to relieve discomfort.

Best pain soother for Efudex
Nolene three months after finishing Efudex treatment

What to use after Efudex treatment

 My skin was red and raw when I finished Efudex treatment. It improved dramatically each day as I continued to use Damask Rose Day Creme.

Over a period of time I added other Simplicité products - first a soothing facial Cleanser (Sundew Cleansing Milk), Antioxidant Plant Serum and Rosewood Face Oil to further nourish and hydrate my very sensitive skin. A month later I added other Simplicité products to form a complete routine.

I will always remember how Damask Rose Cream helped so much during and after Efudex treatment to stop nasty scabs forming and my skin cracking. I still use all of my Simplicité products and have never been happier with my skin.
Thank you David and Robin, you have produced a truly remarkable range."

Nolene Wood 
Springwood QLD Australia

Sceptical doctor: Damask Rose Day Creme "really works" for relief during Efudex

"The day had arrived where I was going to embark again on undergoing Efudex skin treatment for sun damage to my skin from years of childhood sun cream neglect. Anyone who has gone through Efudex skin therapy would tell you it's not one of life’s greatest experiences with significant skin discomfort developing after about 10 days."

"Your skin becomes red raw. It blisters, weeps and peels off in layers. Sleepless nights etc etc. Shaving the face is like torture. The standard advice is to use moisturiser, Panadol or even cortisone cream. Did not work at all for me but after talking to David and Robin Lyons who produce the magnificent Simplicité Skin Care range it was recommended I use Damask Rose Day Creme."

"It was revolutionary. This cream which combines too many natural components to list, really works and I am one of the great sceptics. Discomfort levels down by 80%. Sleep no problem at all. It was fantastic. I can highly recommend this product."

Dr M.C.
Brisbane Australia

"Instant relief for my skin" during Efudex skin cancer treatment

"I received the Damask Rose Day Creme last night and relief for my skin was instant! The cream has taken away the irritation, angriness, swelling and redness. I even managed to sleep through the night without discomfort! Once I’ve healed I will definitely look at your other products to purchase."
Petrina E.
NSW Australia

"Amazing" help for Efudex red cracked skin

I was recently prescribed a course of Efudex. Towards the end of the course the skin on my face was red and dry, with areas of cracked, broken skin. Thankfully this occurred during the extended NSW lock-down period!

I tried pure Jojoba oil but it didn't help at all. After some online research I noticed people were claiming dramatic results from Simplicite Damask Rose Day Creme, so I ordered some. The results really were amazing.

I applied it 3-4 times a day and found it settled the discomfort and dry skin. It also helped healing and by the end of the first week there was only some residual redness which didn't take long to fade.

My next purchase was a Simplicite trial pack which I am loving. That, combined with some great advice from Robin, has dramatically reduced my sun damage. My skin is looking better than it has for years.
Sindhu S
NSW Australia

"Amazingly effective product"

I was able to exclusively use your Damask Rose Day Cream for my annual 5-FU (0.005% calcipotriol / 5% fluorouracil) treatment and it was amazing! This improved my comfort and healing through the process more than I could have imagined. At first, I thought I must have received an inert batch of chemical!
On another note, the cream works better than the 2.5% hydrocortisone (vaseline base) cream I previously used sparingly because of side effects. Thank you for providing a one of a kind, amazingly effective product. 
Dave W 

Damask Rose gave me relief during Efudex treatment

"My skin specialist recommended I use Efudex and I agreed to this as I didn't want to let the sun spots etc take a hold. I didn't want to get skin cancer.
The photos in Noelene Wood's testimony are exactly what I looked like. I was told to use Vaseline to keep the skin moist so it wouldn't get little crusts on the blisters. Fortunately I didn't ever get to the stage of bad blisters but I certainly had awful itchiness and my skin felt very tight and burned. Using Vaseline made all of this much worse and I felt just shocking.
Then, I was told to use sorbolene and an aqueous cream. I wasn't at all keen to use those on my skin. I'm so pleased I rang and spoke to the person at your office who told me about using Simplicité Damask Rose Day Creme. Nolene Wood was right. It helped me so much as well - no more burning skin!"

Sandra C
QLD Australia

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Please note, we offer the Damask Rose Day Creme as a soothing calming balm during chemotherapy-based sun damage treatments. This was originally based on reports from customers who found relief. Hundreds of people have reported the same soothing, calming effect over the past couple of years. One customer found no benefit. 

We do not offer pain relief as such and we cannot guarantee that all experiences will be positive. 

We offer this soothing antioxidant creme in good faith and based on customer reports. We cannot offer a money-back guarantee. 
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