Simplicité products make my skin feel so light and beautiful

Since a dear friend of mine first recommended that I try using the Results Lift Gel, Damask Rose Day Creme and the Sundew Cleansing Milk they have become a staple of my skin care routine.

After experiencing how light and beautiful they make my skin feel, I have since thrown out all my other products – now I see these claim to be ’natural’, yet they are filled with artificial chemicals!

I simply cannot put anything else on my skin other than your products and have since also tried the Nutritive Relaxing Body Oil (absolutely gorgeous), the Plant Gel Cleanser, One Step Exfoliating Cleanser and Revitalising Night Creme. Just two days ago I purchased the RL Serum it made my skin sing!! I absolutely love your products; please keep up your great work.

Valeria Ignatieva
Melbourne Vic

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