Quality and strength in organic skin care

Plants have been the basis for skin care treatments through much of human history and they underpin the Simplicité range of organic skin care products.

Naturopath and herbalist David Lyons personally hand makes the plant extracts he uses for his Simplicité product formulations. He has always refused to buy from commercial plant extract manufacturers.

David says, "I make my own plant extracts. The reason I do this is because there is no way I can find the quality and strength that I need commercially."

The extracts that I make to use in my products can be as much as 100 times stronger than commercial plant extracts. This huge difference in strength makes an incredible difference for skin results."

David says too, "The quality of what I make is just as important as its strength. That's why I source the highest possible quality 'medicinal grade' herbs. We hand-select these from certified organic plants."

"While we are committed to using only certified organic herbs, we’re not satisfied unless their active compounds are concentrated to medicinal grade. 'Medicinal grade' plant extracts are the very highest quality available. You could call these the Rolls Royce of organic skin care—top of the range, the best (also the most expensive)."

'Medicinal grade' quality is only achieved when a plant grows in its natural environment - growing slowly, in natural soil, in the climate that nature chose. 

Alternatively, medicinal grade can be achieved when the plant is grown in a soil type identical to where it would naturally grow. In addition it must be grown at optimum altitude and at typical daylight temperatures and daylight hours native to the plant’s optimal growing region.

David obtains most of his organic herbs from within Australia but if the best growing regions for particular herbs are elsewhere in the world they are sourced from there.

Lavender, for example, must grow at elevations of 1000 metres for it to be suitable for medicinal grade standards. At lower altitudes, lavender contains camphoraceous elements (think of mothballs) which can irritate skin. 

 Fresh not powdered aloe vera juice

Aloe vera, on the other hand, grows very well in Queensland and all of the fresh aloe vera juice that is used in many Simplicité products. Aloe vera plants are transported from farms around Murgon and Bundaberg to the Simplicité laboratory where fresh juice is used for each new batch of products.

Organic skin care made by a naturopath

What sets Simplicité apart is not simply that a herbalist and naturopath devises and personally makes these organic skin care products from his own freshly hand made plant extracts. It's also that he formulates them from a deep, philosophical point of view about the importance of plants for complete human wellness.

David Lyons' exacting standards about strength and quality ensures that his natural and organic skin care gives incredible results for skin. Many skin care products claim to be made from organic herbs, but these are invariably very diluted as well as used at tiny percentages. By contrast, Simplicité plant extracts ‘are’ the products. 

Simplicité products smell subtly yet distinctly appealing - again, it is the characteristically high concentrations of plant extracts they contain that  ensure their unique appeal. 

Simplicité products are made in small batches to ensure maximum freshness and quality, yet another reason they give the best possible results possible for skin.

If you have any questions about particular plant extracts used in Simplicité products, please see the Ingredients page. 

medicinal grade organic skin care

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