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24 May 2016

Plants have been the basis for skin care treatments through much of human history and they’re well and truly the basis of the Simplicité range of organic skin care products.

However just as that 'Oils Ain't Oils' commercial strikes a claim for one motor oil's superiority over others, so we claim that the quality of our plant extracts is way, way higher than those used in other natural and organic skin care ranges.

It's not just the quality either. Quality plus the concentration, that is, the strength of the extracts is key.

It’s important to obtain optimum effectiveness from plant extracts. And we believe this can only be achieved through using large amounts of medicinal grade herbs which we hand-select from certified organic plants.

The Rolls Royce of organic skin care

While we are committed to using only certified organic herbs, we’re not satisfied unless their active compounds are concentrated to medicinal grade. 'Medicinal grade' plant extracts are the very highest quality available. You could call these the Rolls Royce of organic skin care—top of the range, the best (also the most expensive!)

'Medicinal grade' quality is only achieved when a plant grows in its natural environment - growing slowly, in natural soil, in the climate that nature chose. 

Alternatively, medicinal grade can be achieved when the plant is grown in a soil type identical to where it would naturally grow. In addition it must be grown at optimum altitude and at typical daylight temperatures and daylight hours native to the plant’s optimal growing region.

The overseas visitors

While we source most of our organic herbs from Australia, we are exacting in our standards and do source some from overseas, if the growing region is best outside of Australia. 

Lavender, for example, must grow at elevations of 1000 metres for it to be produced at a grade suitable for our medicinal grade standards. At lower altitudes, lavender contains camphoraceous elements (think of mothballs), which can irritate skin. Not what you want in a skin care product!

 Fresh juice - for skin care 

Aloe vera, on the other hand, grows wonderfully in Queensland, and therefore David sources locally all the fresh aloe vera juice that we use in many of our products. The aloe vera plants come from farms in and around Murgon and Bundaberg in Queensland and we squeeze the juice from these freshly at our laboratory as we make each new batch of products.

In fact, all our herbs are freshly extracted in-house by David to ensure maximum quality control; any plants falling below standard don’t make their way into our products.

Skin care made by a naturopath

What sets Simplicité apart is not simply that we devise and make our own range, but actually that a herbalist and naturopath formulates these organic skin care products from a deep, philosophical point of view and then also produces them using his own freshly hand made plant extracts.

We know that because of our exacting standards we operate a cut above other ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ skincare products. Plenty of skin care out there claims it's made from organic herbs, but these are invariably very diluted as well as used at tiny percentages. By contrast, Simplicité plant extracts ‘are’ the products. We couldn’t operate without them, and are therefore fastidious about the standard we use.

That’s why Simplicité products also smell wonderful; they’re naturally scented with our characteristically high concentrations of plant extracts!

We also hand-make everything in small batches to ensure maximum freshness and quality, making our products both beautiful to use and giving the best results possible for your skin.

If you have any questions about particular plant extracts used in Simplicité products, check out our Ingredients page. And for more information, simply email Simplicité

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Georgia Adamopoulos on June 12, 2016

So encouraging to see a company that takes both the time and effort to source oils that have the highest concentration of the active constiteunt in every oil that is used in your products. I was delighted to find your products in Myer Melbourne, not only are they Australian made, but the ingredient list of botanical ingredients contained within your products leaves me smiling. With so many illnesses in this day and age, the least we can do for ourselves is use natural products, not products which have a chemical maze of ingredients with harsh carcinogenic compounds. Thank-you so much for being different Simplicite!

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