Finally, the answer to beautiful, radiant, glowing skin

I remember the moment clearly…. I was reading my local newspaper when I stumbled across an article on the recent high demand of Simplicité products in Asia, in which Robin, the co-founder of Simplicité was featured. I had never before heard of Simplicité but my interest was immediately peaked and I had to know more. From that moment, I - and my skin - have never looked back!

My skin care routine started at a very young age with basic products; over the years I have tried many different latest and greatest trends, from Retinol, Glycolic, Hyaluronic Acid and even hyperpigmentation laser removal. I have tried and discarded every product on the market, including the big name brands, whose ‘miracle broths’ gavaes me little to no success.

Time and time again I was lured by the bright, colourful advertisements for skin care and the apparent customer appraisals touting they had found the holy grail of results, only to be left poorer for the worthless outlay, and disappointed by the lack of promised results.

So, as you can imagine when I first discovered Simplicité, whilst remaining positive, I was sceptical that perhaps yet again I was lured into yet another skin care trap.

However, fom the moment I first applied Simplicité products I was taken back with the fresh aroma of medicinal grade herbs and the luxurious feel on my skin. I soon realised, that after all these years, I had finally  found the answer to beautiful, radiant, glowing skin - all without the need for expensive salon visits and dreaded laser rejuvenation.

The results I have obtained through use of the Basic Six’ Simplicité products with the addition of the Antioxidant Plant Serum and Firming Rehydration Eye Cream, to name a few, are simply fantastic. I now feel like I have the complexion of a woman in her twenties, instead of a woman approaching her forties. I am proud to go make-up free and relish the skin I’m in. Simplicité has given my skin great tone, plumpness and not to mention a youthful glow that never seems to fade.

I feel as though I have merely brushed the surface of potential with these products. So, take the chance, follow in my footsteps and place your trust in an honest, Australian skin care brand and watch the pieces of the puzzle fall into place, you will not regret it.

Megan Sewell
Brisbane, Qld

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