Help at last for breakouts

"I have always had troubled skin so trust me when I say I've tried everything. I'd been having horrible breakouts, waking up every day to a new problem. So in January I had had enough and decided I needed to completely change my skin care.

Simplicité had been highly recommended so I abandoned all my old products and started using the Trial Pack for Combination/Oily Skin along with the Acne Antibacterial Serum (sold separately).

In the first month this serum was a life saver as it helped my skin calm down and got rid of all the redness and inflammation. This serum is a bit of magic - turning any potentially problem breakouts into a non-issue.

I have been using these products for 4 months now and my skin is looking and feeling better than ever. I am constantly being complimented on how clear it is and how radiant it looks (to which I credit the Sage Face Oil).

I am so happy with the results and the quality of the products. Simplicité is much more than just natural or organic skin care – it’s the power of their handcrafted, fresh medicinal grade plant extracts that is restoring and rejuvenating my skin.

Now, to do the same for my acne scarring I'm applying the Antioxidant Plant Serum twice daily. I'm very excited for the results.

Also, for the record, the only thing on my skin in that second picture is the Antioxidant Plant Serum!"

Sage Kelly
Brisbane Qld

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