Pedipad'l Foot Smoother

Pedipad'l Foot Smoother

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No more cracked heels when you use this incredibly effective pumice smoother for feet in conjunction with Simplicité Nourishing Hand and Nail Creme (for feet too).

With regular use as above, Pedipad'l Foot Smoother gently removes built up roughness on heels as well as gradually reducing cracks in heels. Helps to prevent cracks in heels occurring.

We include Pedipad'l Foot Smoother on the Simplicité website because we personally love the results it gives (when used with the creme) and want you to enjoy these too.

Can be used wet or dry, however we recommend using it wet for best results

Follow with Nourishing Hand and Nail Creme (for feet too), either immediately (optional) but certainly every evening at bedtime. Massage in well, concentrating on problem areas.  

Nourishing Hand and Nail Creme (for feet too) is as perfect for keeping feet healthy and happy as it is for hands and nails. This is because our concentrated, high quality plant nutrients absorb deeply into skin to nourish and protect. We don't believe in using nutrient-less 'filler' ingredients that sit greasily on the surface.

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