Blackhead/blemish extracting tool
Blackhead/blemish extracting tool
Blackhead/blemish extracting tool
Blackhead/blemish extracting tool

Blackhead/blemish extracting tool

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This metal extractor helps to clear blackheads and pimples by removing sebum that is trapped in pores.

Extracting your own skin is easy once you know how but please read the instructions below carefully.

Is it painful? Not really, but remember you are pressing a small metal implement firmly against your skin. You need to do this to release sebum/bacteria that is trapped in the pore.

Use your extractor with care. Never drag it across the face or use in a sweeping motion. We strongly recommend that you only use this tool twice per session on any congested pore. (This stops any 'attacking' of skin.) If the congestion doesn't come out with two goes, STOP and wait to have another (two) goes again the next evening.

  1. Wash your face with warm water first, using a gentle cleanser. Ensure that skin is dry.
  2. Soak the end of the extractor that has a small metal circle with hole in it in freshly boiled water for at least 30 seconds before using. This disinfects the extractor.
  3. Only use the circle with hole end.
  4. Pimple: centre the small circle end over on the pimple. Press straight down on the skin. If the pimple is 'ready' the trapped bacteria will pop out. If it doesn’t, try again. If it still doesn’t, the pimple is not ready to be extracted - leave until the next evening.
  5. Blackhead: Same as above.
  6. Wipe firmly over extracted areas with a couple of pumps of Simplicité Acne Antibacterial Serum on a cotton pad.
  7. Never squeeze pimples with fingers, even with a tissue, as this bruises skin and the problem will last for much, much longer than if you used the extractor.

Refer to the Acne and Breakout Skin Care Routine for our suggested daily routine for achieving clearer skin.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
A safe & handy tool!

This tool is a MUST have if you suffer from blackheads and/or acne. This totally superceeds using your fingers and results in far less (if any at all) scarring & bruising.
Pro Tip: You must sterilise & heat up the end of the tool in boiling hot water for about 30 seconds. Then take out & let it cool a little before applying it to your skin. This helps a lot!
A safe way of getting rid of those unsightly pustules, and removing the bacteria. Such a handy tool indeed!

Danielle B.
Useful tool to stop bacterial spread

I find it hard not to use my fingers or a tissue, but this tool is really helping to minimise damage to skin and keep it bacteria free when removing blackheads or pimples.

Helping with big skin improvement

My daughters are both loving using the extractor and along with using the blemish routine products it is helping to give major improvements for their skin. So we are all very thankful for your product and your efforts, thank you.

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