Combination Dry, Oily Skin

Combination/Dry, Oily Skin can be either:
  • oily all over, or 
  • just on the t-zone (forehead, nose and chin).
The excess oil can be just a touch in summer or occur all year round. It causes occasional breakouts and blackheads. Skin can have surface dryness, usually on the cheeks and forehead and especially in drier, colder weather. 
Often, ‘former’ Combination or Oily skin types who now feel ‘dry’ in fact usually have surface dryness. Using Simplicité Combination/Dry, Oily products will help restore and balance natural levels of sebum and bring back skin glow.
Regular use of the Simplicité Basic Six products help Combination/Dry, Oily Skin by:
  • normalising oiliness
  • rehydrating  without causing congestion 
  • reducing sun damage 
  • revitalising and invigorating
Choose ‘Combination/Dry, Oily Skin’ products as well as products for ‘All Skin Types’.
An ideal way to start your Simplicité experience is with the one-month Trial Pack for Combination/Dry Oily Skin.


 Dryness and Dehydration

Dryness & Dehydration

All Simplicité products address dryness and dehydration as a matter of course - whether you choose products for Normal/Dry Skin or Combination/Dry, Oily Skin. 


Acne and breakouts

Acne & Breakouts

Choose Combination/Dry, Oily Skin products if you suffer from acne and breakouts. See the Acne and Breakout
Suggested Skin Routine. 


Sensitive skin


All Simplicité products are made to suit and benefit sensitive skin - whether you choose products for Normal/Dry or Combination/Dry, Oily Skin. 


Early ageing skin

Early ageing

All Simplicité products rejuvenate the look and feel of the skin - whether you choose products for Normal/Dry Skin or Combination/Dry, Oily Skin. 



Skincare for all ages

All Ages 

Both women and men 

Simplicité products are beneficial for everyone - from babies to teenagers through to women and men of all ages.