Anti-Redness / After Sun Gel

Anti-Redness / After Sun Gel



Our ‘First Aid Kit in a tube’ is back, in a larger size at the same cost.
No home should be without this gel. Keep a tube in the fridge for all the family to apply to stings, bruises and any injuries. 


  • Gives rapid relief to sunburn.
  • Soothes and lessens redness after laser and waxing.
  • Soothes ANY minor skin irritation plus burns/scalds. 
  • Soothes marine stings  – keep a tube in the beach bag.


  • Fresh Aloe juice - therapeutic and soothing for damaged skin eg burns, stings.
  • Calendula flowers - therapeutic, soothes.
  • Golden Seal herb - used in this product for its therapeutic effect on burns and its anti-inflammatory effect. 

Other Key Ingredients
- soothes burns. 
Chickweed – eases itchy skin conditions. Contains anti-inflammatory saponins.
Marshmallow forms a protective layer on skin to soothe irritation and inflammation.
Witch Hazel (fresh, whole herb extract) alleviates localised swelling. 
Australian Bush-Flowers  – act in a way similar to Bach Flower ’Rescue Remedy’ to calm and settle, eg an upset, injured child.

All Ingredients:: freshly extracted organic ALOE barbadensis juice from Qld Australia (not the usual reconstituted powder from China), CORN Xanthan Gum, Herbalist-made fresh whole plant extracts of: Hamamelis virginiana WITCH HAZEL not the clear, alcohol-based version (USA),  Zea mays stigma CORN SILK (Australia), Stellaria media CHICKWEED (Australia), Sambucus nigra ELDERBERRY flower (Germany), Hydrastis canadensis GOLDEN SEAL root (USA), Althea officinalis MARSHMALLOW leaf (Hungary),  Australian Bush Flowers: Ptilotus atripicifolius MULLA MULLA,  Atractocarpus fitzalanii BUSH GARDENIA,  Casuarina cunninghamia SHE OAK,  Chamelaucium uncinatum GERALDTON WAX,  Patersonia longifolia BUSH IRIS,  Epacris longiflora BUSH FUCHSIA,  plus CALENDULA officinalis infused oil (Australia),  Hypericum perforatum ST. JOHN'S HERB flower (Australia), CORN Xanthan gum, Pelargonium graveolens ROSE GERANIUM (Kenya), Cymbobogon martinii PALMAROSA (India), Natural Preserving System (1%): Leucidal (Radish root extract),  PhytoCide (Sambucus nigra Elderberry fruit), Gluconolactone (found naturally in fruit), Sodium Benzoate Potassium Sorbate (both food preservatives) 

Green denotes the nutritive, active herbal ingredients. These are either certified organic or wild grown. We freshly make all our plant extracts in our laboratory. We don’t use lifeless, dried powdered herbs to make our extracts.

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