Reduce Cellulite Body Pack

Reduce Cellulite Body Pack


Using this combination of products will help to reduce cellulite as well as sun damage. It is also deeply hydrating, soothing and softening. Pack contains:

  • Fluid Cellulite Body Oil 100mL
  • Nutritive Body Lotion 250mL
  • Sisal Body Brush

Normally $113.75, special starter price $105.90.

Fluid Cellulite Body Oil


  • Significantly improves cellulite problems by toning weakened valves in lymph vessels, removing toxins and balancing fluid in tissues.
  • Greatly improves mastitis or 'lumpy' breasts around period time.
  • Reduces puffy ankles during pregnancy - massage over ankles in an upward direction.
  • Prevents or greatly reduces limb swelling during long flights – apply before and during the flight.


  • Juniper - diuretic (helps the body expel excess fluid), promotes elasticity and suppleness.
  • Cypress - diuretic, tones and improves the look of skin.
  • Myrtle Tree - diuretic, improves circulation.

    Nutritive Body Lotion


    • Non-greasy, easily absorbed.
    • Tones and softens.


    • Carrot - revitalises skin tone, restores elasticity.
    • Lemon - helps clear lymph (which helps reduce cellulite).
    • Clary Sage - tones skin.

      How to Use

      Using the Sisal Body Brush and Nutritive Body Lotion in conjunction with Simplicité Body Oil helps give even better results for improving the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks, toning and firming skin during and after weight loss, rejuvenating dry, itchy skin.

      The best way to get rid of cellulite

      • Once daily, use Sisal Body Brush on dry skin, moving it in firm, upward motions over thighs, buttocks and stomach.
      • Twice daily apply a couple of pumps of Fluid Cellulite Body Oil (with wet hands) to each of the above areas. Massage oil into skin using firm upward motions.
      • Follow with Nutritive Body Lotion for extra skin firming and hydration.

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