Ingredients we use

Sage – practitioner quality – Spain

Sage is a natural skin cleanser that contains capillary toning nutrients. It inhibits bacteria in the treatment of acne and regulates sebum production. Sage extract contains terpenes which help skin cells resist early skin cancer changes.
Sage extract is used in these Simplicité products:

Scientific References:
1. Contains terpene (helps skin cells resist early skin cancer changes) from C ineole (anti-inflammatory), borneol and thujone. Santos, F. A.; Rao, V. S. (2000). Anti-inflammatory and Antinociceptive Effects of 1,8-Cineole, a Terpenoid Oxide Present in many Plant Essential Oils”. Phytotherapy Research 14 (4): 240–244. oi:10.1002/1099-1573(200006)14:4<240::AID-PTR573>3.0.CO;2-X. PMID 10861965.
2. “…only terpinen-4-ol and 1,8-cineole penetrate the skin at measurable concentrations, suggesting that the observed anticancer effect is mainly mediated by the latter two terpenes. Derived terpenes for the tailored treatment of superficial and deep skin lesions. C. M. Bertram, D. J. Ireland, S. J. Greay, T. V. Riley, P. Filion, Lee Yong Lim, M. W. Beilharz Sydney – 01/2012; In proceeding of: Conjoint 3rd Australasian Wound & Tissue Repair Society Meeting and 9th Australasian Society for Dermatology Research Meeting.

Sandalwood – practitioner quality – Western Australia

Sandalwood extract helps reduce redness of various skin conditions. It encourages skin renewal, calms irritation and improves texture of cracked, chapped skin.  

Sandalwood extract is used in these Simplicité products:

Sesame Seed – medicinal grade - Burkina Faso

Sesame Seed hydrates and softens the skin.  It enhances deep moisture reserves and is rich in nourishing elements. Because medicinal grade sesame contains a plant compound called Pinoresinol it can reverse sun damage and inhibit the growth of early skin cancers.

Sesame Seed extract is used in these Simplicité products:

Southern Cross (Australian Bush Flower)

Southern Cross helps prevent hyperpigmentation spots and retain moisture in the skin.

Southern Cross extract is used in this Simplicité product:

Spinifex (Australian Bush Flower)

Spinifex builds the overall health of the skin and is thought to help the renewal process. It improves resistance to recurring skin conditions and reduces the appearance of fine lines. Spinifex has been used for ‘cold sores’.

Spinifex extract is used in these Simplicité products:

  • Waratah & Beetroot Plant Mask
  • Angelica Lip Care Balm


Spruce is antimicrobial and antiseptic.

Spruce extract is used in these Simplicité products:

  • Plant Gel Cleanser (Comb/Dry, Oily Skin)
  • Rosemary Blemish Gel
  • Macadamia Body Scrub
  • Blue Mallee Bath and Shower Foam

Sturt’s Desert Rose – Australian Bush Flower

Sturt’s Desert Rose calms irritations and restores moisture balance.

Sturt’s Desert Rose extract is used in this Simplicité product:

  • Eye Makeup Remover

Styrax benzoin

Styrax benzoin is plant alternative to Botox. Relaxes facial muscles. Soothes and calms. Anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial. Stimulates tissue renewal. Activates repair and healing of the skin.

Styrax extract is used in these Simplicité products:

  • Results Lift Gel
  • RL (Reduce Lines) Serum

Sundew flower – Australia

Soothes irritated skin especially where due to extreme environmental exposures. Improves the appearance of sun damaged skin by helping to correct the damage done by free radicals. Sundew is a small insectivorous plant.

Sundew flower is used in this Simplicité product:

  • Sundew Cleansing Milk

Sunshine Wattle

Sunshine Wattle restores softness and texture.

Sunshine Wattle extract is used in this Simplicité product:

  • Great Outdoors Sunscreen SPF 15


Thyme calms redness, is locally antibacterial and astringent. Promotes healing. Exceptional results for acne and breakout problems.

Thyme extract is used in these Simplicité products:

  • Acne Antibacterial Serum
  • Hydrating Floral Toning Lotion (Comb/Dry, Oily Skin)
  • One Step Exfoliating Cleanser 


Vetiver is a tall perennial scented grass. Detoxifies the blood and tissues. Improves and enlivens the circulation. Named ‘Oil of Tranquility’ in India.

Vetiver extract is used in this Simplicité product:

  • Toning Invigorating Body Oil

Violet Leaf

Violet leaf is an effective natural cleanser of the pores. Soothes inflammation. A source of flavonoids.

Violet Leaf extract is used in this Simplicité product:

  • One Step Exfoliating Cleanser

Walnut (Australia)

Crushed walnut shell that has been tumbled to smooth all edges is used for both its exfoliating properties as well as its high antioxidant and fatty acid content.

Walnut is used in these Simplicité products:

  • One Step Exfoliating Cleanser

Wheatgerm - practitioner quality

Wheatgerm softens the skin and balances moisture. It contains soluble vitamins, squalene and important skin nutrients. Squalene occurs naturally in human skin and is thought to protect against the appearance of skin cancers. When exposed to UV light squalene converts to vitamin D and thus improves the skin’s utilisation of vitamin A.

Wheatgerm extract is used in these Simplicité products:

Scientific Reference:
Squalene – Kelly GS. Squalene potential clinical uses. Altern Med Rev. 1999; 4:29-36. Newmark HL, Squalene, olive oil, cancer risk: review and hypothesis. Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev. 1997; 6:1101-1103. Rao CV et al Chemopreventive effect of squalene on colon cancer. Carcinogenesis. 1998; 19:287-290. Smith TJ et al. Inhibition of 4-(methylnitrosamino)-1-(3-pyridyl)-1-butanone-induced lung tumorogenesis by dietary olive oil and squalene. Carcinogenesis. 1998; 19:703-706. Storm HM et al. Radioprotection by dietary squalene. Lipids. 1993; 28:555-559.

Witch Hazel - medicinal grade, our fresh extract 

Witch Hazel is a natural skin cleanser; calms swelling,(of cystic acne as well as for puffy eyes) reduces inflammation.This is our own fresh extract (as all of our extracts are), not the commonly used clear extract which is made in China, usually contains alcohol and lacks so many active principles.

Witch Hazel is used in these Simplicité products:

Yarrow - medicinal grade, our fresh extract

Yarrow extract encourages improved circulation to skin to hasten healing, encourages formation of new connective tissue through action of isovalerianic acid.

Yarrow extract is used in these Simplicité products:

Ylang Ylang - practitioner grade - Indonesia

Ylang Ylang flowers are spread on the beds of newly-weds in Indonesia. The fragrance gives a sense of euphoria as well as being calming. It may also be helpful in abating feelings of tension and anger.

Ylang Ylang extract is used in this Simplicité product:

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