Retinol then a glycolic acid peel gave me hyperpigmentation

09 February 2019

I started using Simplicité seven years ago to treat the hyperpigmentation I got from using retinol, which made my skin sun sensitive - I would never, ever use retinol again!⁣

The Simplicite hyperpigmentation routine successfully faded that retinol damage and I've loved my skin for years. Now though I have to start again, all because a glycolic acid face peel was forced on me.

What happened: I decided to treat myself to an ‘anti-ageing’ facial at a clinic I hadn’t been to before. Without any warning the therapist put a glycolic acid chemical peel on my face (a chemical peel hadn't been mentioned in the anti-ageing facial info!)

I was a bit worried but she assured me it was gentle and there would be no flaking. 

⁣I panicked when I got home as I already saw some hyperpigmentation come through. 

Some recent IVF treatments I’d had combined with the harsh WA sun had caused a very small bit of hyperpigmentation. ⁣⁣

But I was shocked that one chemical peel could give me this hyperpigmentation problem, just as using retinol did years before.

Now I have to be even more careful in the sun and even more diligent with applying my Simplicité products to try and get rid of this new hyperpigmentation problem.”

Renee Furneyvall 

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