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My itchy scalp has never known better days!

My itchy scalp has never known better days!

"I was driven mad for four years!" says 92-year-old charming dynamo Sister Angela Mary Doyle. The Brisbane nun who has spent her life and former distinguished career serving others needed help herself.

"I don't want to go around scratching my head, I might lose friends!" she'd told a friend. The joking tone belied a serious problem."The itch is bad and it's embarrassing."

The name Sister Angela Mary Doyle and Brisbane's Mater Hospital have gone hand in hand for more than 50 years.

But privately for years Sister Angela Mary was 'driven mad' with an itchy scalp.
After two years of it a pharmacy chain owner gave her products that were supposed to work, "They made no difference." says Sister Angela.
"But two more years later my friend kindly arranged to send me the Simplicité Skin Care Shampoo and Conditioner.

“As soon as I stopped the previous treatment for itchy scalp and commenced Simplicité, the itch left. My scalp has never known better days!”

"As an insurance against any future itchy scalp, they advised me at Simplicité  I ever feel the slightest itch again, to simply massage a little Conditioner into my scalp in between washes."

"My scalp has never known better days! Thank you Simplicité Skin Care."

How I stopped hair breakage, hair loss

How I stopped hair breakage, hair loss

My waist-length hair all broke off around the top of my head after my hairdresser over-processed it. I was devastated. There were bare patches almost to my scalp.

Fortunately I'd discovered the Simplicité Shampoo and Conditioner and after only about four washes I saw great results that stopped the hair breakage and hair loss - in ten days. The Conditioner helped with the breaking and the Shampoo is really really good too. in no time I was losing far less hair at the front. I learned to leave the Conditioner on a lot longer. There is virtually no breakage at the front now and much less at the back.

Thanks so much Simplicité for your hair products. They stopped the hair breakage and hair loss plus made such a difference to my self esteem.
Elyse Smith

Husband's itchy scalp with scabs and dandruff is cured

Husband's itchy scalp with scabs and dandruff is cured

My husband Ken suffered all his life with a severe scalp condition - he had an itchy scalp with scabs and dandruff (seborrheic dermatitis). I gave him my two little sample bottles of Simplicité Shampoo and Conditioner to try, doubting that he would give it a go, but to my surprise he did and I am in shock, as is Ken.

His scalp is now free of scabs etc without any itch, dandruff anymore. It is just amazing - and let me tell you over the last 30 odd years he has been to the best, tried the best without luck - doomed to put up with this condition for the rest of his life. But he is cured, he really is cured - in just a couple of days.
After nearly 70 years of suffering Ken is cured!!
If you knew what this means to him, well I can’t even begin to describe how he has changed, his confidence levels & self esteem too!!

These products are seriously the best dandruff itchy scalp shampoo and conditioner.
Meredith Cox, Brisbane

Best radiation moisturiser

Best radiation moisturiser

I bought the Nutritive Body Lotion to help my skin during radiation. I simply googled 'radiation moisturiser' and I'm so grateful that I found it. Also the video about how to prevent burns from radiation treatment was very helpful.

Initially I had to take the Body Lotion in for my radiation team to check the ingredients and they said I could use it.

4 weeks later and I have my 20th (last!) radiation treatment tomorrow.

My oncologist says my skin couldn't be any better and could be a lot worse. The technicians are also very complimentary about the way my skin has held up to the treatment.

It is still quite red and itchy at times but it has not broken down. I also used straight aloe vera a couple times a day but nothing else. Thank you!

Note: one herb is great, plenty of herbs with similar properties is better.
While using straight aloe vera can be helpful for preventing radiation burns from cancer treatment, Nutritive Body Lotion, with its mixture of synergistic plant extracts is much more effective. 

See Nutritive Body Lotion ingredients

The secret to having good skin

The secret to having good skin

"I was at a dinner on Saturday night and a woman, younger than myself, said to me 'S.., I realise you are somewhat older than me (that is the bit I didn't like so much), but we have been discussing how good your skin is - what's the secret?'
To which I replied - good genes, no sun and very good facial products. Of course they asked me what I used - and I told them. They had heard of Simplicité and were ready to rush out and get some....."

S..Brisbane (name & image withheld by request)

I've never been so happy with my skin

I've never been so happy with my skin

I had bunny hopped between so many skin care brands and been so disappointed time and time again until I found Simplicité. I settled for a big brand natural and whilst my skin was sensitive and irritated by their ingredients I kept thinking I was surely using the best nature had to offer! I was so very wrong!

I've used Simplicité now for six years and never been so happy with my skin.

Simplicité quality is beyond any other so called 'natural' brands I've ever used. The Sage Face Oil with a spritz of the Floral Lotion evens out my complexion and has reduced my hyperpigmentation. The Oil Controlled Day Creme is the perfect base for my foundation and the Firming Rehydration Creme feels wonderful under my eyes. The Angelica Lip Care Balm apparently makes my lips extremely kissable according to my husband.

My utmost favourite of all is the Macadamia & Bush Gardenia Body Scrub. This truly is an amazing product with an aroma reflecting the product's medicinal grade quality. I suffer Keratosis Pilaris on the backs of my arms and regular application of this product before showering keeps my bumps and the redness under control. I have used nearly every single product Simplicité has to offer and they are all so lovely, whilst the customer service is beyond excellent!"

Jodie Phung, Melbourne

Best treatment for rosacea redness

Best treatment for rosacea redness

I have had dry skin and also Rosacea for a long time now. Not being one for makeup or beauty products I had ignored it all this time. Finally looking into finding a product to help make my skin feel better and for me to feel more confident and not always red, I stumbled across Simplicite Skin Care. I am now using the Rosehip Lavender Complexion Refiner twice a week along with the Trial Pack for Combination Oily Skin for the Rosacea and my skin has never felt better. It is simple to use and I have now added it to my life routine quite easily. My partner has certainly noticed the difference also. I am feeling more confident in my skin. This is certainly the best treatment for rosacea redness I've found :)

Lisa Butler, Qld

Best acne scarring treatment

Jennifer found the best treatment for acne scarring.

I'm so thankful to have found Simplicité. I've never had any results on my acne scarring or pimples so quickly. I was so close to getting pearl fractional laser to fix the acne scarring on my cheeks but I won't need to now. I'm using the acne routine with the Antioxidant Plant Serum - what a difference. The pigmentation is going and the acne scarring is clearing up. I've used thousands of products but now I have finally found the best acne scarring treatment. 

My partner and my best friend both commented on my skin the other day, saying how great it is looking. My partner also could not believe how much my acne scarring has improved. Massive difference. The pimples on my face are clearing up too and it has only been one week. The pimples started going the minute I started using the Acne Anti-Bacterial Serum

Jennifer Douglass, NSW

Note: acne scarring is also referred to as post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation treatment.

I can go out without makeup now

Natural skin care help for breakouts, acne, redness, oily skin

I discovered Simplicité from a friend of mine at the perfect time 2 years ago. I was going through a major ongoing breakout that was unlike any I had experienced before, even as a teenager. 

I later realized this was related to a period of high stress and associated rapid weight loss that was wreaking havoc on my face! 

I started using Simplicité products and noticed the difference in my skin's moisture and oil balance almost immediately. I was nervous to apply oil (Sage Face Oil) to my already oily skin, but since using their products I haven't had to blot my face at all, which I used to do periodically throughout the day. 

 Not only that, but my redness improved dramatically, all the breakouts cleared and the overall texture has improved.  For the first time in many years I've had the confidence to go out without makeup on, and it feels great!

 I love that Simplicité products are plant based and are designed to be gentle and work with the skin's pH. They are the first products I've used that I feel truly nourish my skin rather than fight the issue with harsh ingredients.  

 I'm so happy I discovered these products and recommend them to my patients and friends all the time.  

Dr Kate Zachau
Massachusetts USA 

This serum completely faded scarring on face and body

This serum completely faded scarring on face and body

Your Antioxidant Plant Serum is fantastic. I originally bought it as I had suffered a rather large sore on my chin which left a five-cent-sized, dark pink scar. This wouldn't fade even after a few months. I had to cover it with makeup.

This seems hard to believe but after only using the Antioxidant Plant Serum for 2-3 days there was visible improvement. Then after another few days the scarring had completely faded and I had no further problems with it.

I now use the Serum every day morning and night. Also, I got accidentally burnt on my body and used the Serum on that scarring too with similar good results.

Ann Pardon
Brisbane, Qld

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