Is Rosehip Oil all it’s cracked up to be? The missing link.

30 October 2017

The way Rosehip Oil is made is like taking a lychee, peeling off the fleshy fruit part, throwing it away, then extracting a few nutrients from the remaining seed only.

What a waste!

Rosehip Oil is touted by many beauty gurus and so-called skin experts as a ‘holy grail’ beauty oil that can regenerate skin cells and repair damaged skin tissue.
Yes, Rosehip Oil can help to improve skin, but there is in fact, a missing link between Rosehip Oil and the very best skin results.
Without this missing link, Rosehip Oil simply can't give adequate benefits to skin. 

A holistic view of the Rosehip plant

A Rosehip is essentially the fruit of the Rose plant. Rosehips are very high in natural Vitamin C, however it’s not the oil from the seed that contains the most Vitamin C - it’s the husk of the seed.

Rosehip husks are the outside part of the Rosehip seed. These are thrown away in the commercial manufacture of Rosehip seed oil - even though the outer part of the Rosehip is considered to be one of the top three known sources of antioxidant flavonoids and natural Vitamin C.

How to get the best results from rosehip

For the best results for skin, Rosehip Oil, which is extracted from the inner seed of the Rosehip, must be used with its complementing Rosehip ‘twin’ – the fresh extract that is made from the outside of the rosehip – Rosehip Husk Extract.
For best skin results, Rosehip Oil must also be used with a synergistic mixture of high quality plant extracts.These combinations are what provide the greatest possible benefits for the skin.

Why Rosehip Oil isn’t effective on its own

Rosehip Oil contains just half of the nutrients potentially available from the entire Rosehip.

Rosehip Oil is rich in trans-retinoic acids that work to change the look of ageing caused by the sun. It’s also rich in linoleic fatty acid that reduces redness and 'age' spots, strengthens vessel walls and reduces acne scars.

But those are only half of the benefits Rosehips can offer. As well as the oil, our skin also needs the water-soluble extracts from the outer husk of rosehip.

The antioxidant flavonoids and Vitamin C from the Rosehip husk.are soluble only in water, so it is chemically impossible for these to be present in just Rosehip Oil, despite popular assumptions.

As always, the closer we can use a plant to its natural and whole state, the more of its benefits we can harness.

Skin needs flavonoids to reduce the likelihood of allergies and to reduce the risk of inflammation. Flavonoids help the skin to become more resilient and to better resist the challenges of environmental exposure.
And an extra benefit, the water soluble extracts help reduce the appearance of  'couperose' skin - visible surface capillaries.
Only the water soluble extract from the outer part of the rosehip seed  has been shown to have these 'vasoprotective' (vessel strengthening) properties. 

Rosehip in Simplicité products

Simplicité uses both Rosehip Oil and Rosehip Husk Extract in our Results Lift Gel and Rosehip and Lavender Complexion Refiner (rub off mask).
These formulations are typical of Simplicité’s 'synergistic' approach to skin care products that give results. No single herb or single extract alone has the answer.
Combinations of herbs and plants give the best results every time, whether for a favourite food recipe or the formulation of skin care products.
Simplicité also uses Rosehip Oil with complementary, synergistic extracts, such as Myrrh, Styrax and Chamomile that boost the radiance enhancing effect of RL (Reduce Lines) Serum.
The finest medicinal grade Rosehip Oil is also used with harmonising extracts in our Rehydration Serum, Capillary Repair Serum, Hyper-Pigmentation Serums A and B, Instant Help Eye Gel and Pregnancy Massage Oil.

Our top Rosehip performers

Gives an immediate revitalising ‘lift’ to skin with continuing long term improvement to skin tone, texture and firmness. 
Rosehip Oil and Husk Extract - improve the appearance of fine lines. Reduces scarring. 
Styrax Liquidambar - relaxes facial muscles, soothes and calms. 
Rice Bran - contains squalene and other fatty acids that improve moisture retention and  sun damage repair. Promotes collagen formation and antioxidant activity.

Visible results for firmer, smoother skin. Helps reduce the appearance of visible capillaries. Helps remove congestion from the pores 

This is a true (non-synthetic) Vitamin C treatment containing natural Vitamin C extracted from rosehips rather than the commonly used synthetic Ascorbic Acid. Vitamin C is essential for the formation of new collagen in the skin.
Hazelnut - reverses sun damage through its nutrient content and minimises signs of early ageing.
Rosehip (fresh extract) – rosehips are one of the highest natural sources of bio-active vitamin C and bioflavonoids both essential for collagen formation. Improves the appearance of ‘open’ pores’.
Rosehip Oil – contains at least 32% GLA (gamma linoleic acid). This essential nutrient is the beginning point for the treatment of eczema, psoriasis, scars, wounds and burns.

Cosmetic active plant serum. Reduces the appearance of lines, reinvigorates.
Rosehip – rich in nutrients. Repairs damage and restores tone and elasticity.
Cajeput – analgesic, relaxes superficial fascia layer. Strengthens connective tissue.
Myrrh – in use for over 3000 years. Repairs damaged skin. Specific for the treatment of wrinkles and lines.


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