How to stop skin drying out in cold weather

04 May 2017

When cold and dry weather hits, the first consequence for many people is that their skin feels uncomfortable.

A cold weather snap often leaves skin feeling taut, sensitive, itchy and dry—and looking just like it feels.

No one wants to have skin that looks and feels crisp and dehydrated like a piece of beef jerky—but how to effectively combat the often devastating effects of plunging temperatures and humidity?

How can skin survive the ravages of cold weather and feel comfortable, moist and smooth, never dry or irritated?

The answer to all of the above is: hydration.

The simple way to effectively hydrate skin 

Properly hydrated skin never feels dry or stripped, even in the coldest and driest climates or weather conditions. 

So if you want skin that glows, make sure it's properly hydrated —because well hydrated skin and glowing skin go hand in hand (or cheek to cheek?)

This may sound way too simple, but here's what works:

Simply use more Simplicité Face Oil than you have been during the warmer weather–applying a pump or two more a.m. and p.m. (with the Hydrating Floral Toning Lotion).

Also, applying Face Oil an extra time whenever possible is extremely helpful in very dry and/or cold weather. 

Simplicité Face Oils contain only finely textured plant oils along with the specific plant extracts in each.

These are easily and efficiently absorbed by skin–in contrast to many types of face oils that are made from way-too-thick-for-skin types of oils, plus hydrogenated oils and other skin congesting ingredients, (even beeswax!). Using these products blocks pores, causing breakouts, blackheads–and ultimately drier skin.


Exfoliating regularly is always important for skin health but it's especially important when applying extra amounts of Face Oil to your skin in cold dry weather. This is to ensure that skin can properly absorb the extra Face Oil. For best results use the a nutritive exfoliator such as the very gentle One Step Exfoliating Cleanser. It's best to exfoliate skin in the evening, in the shower after cleansing. And it's best to do this every evening.

Most exfoliators are too harsh to be used this often. However the nutritive Simplicité exfoliators can't in fact be overused. They're gentle, and also so high in antioxidants and fatty acids, so will never strip or damage skin.

Should you change up your moisturiser?

"Help! Due to weather change and stress my skin has dried up this week. I have combination skin—but should I swap over to the moisturisers for normal dry skin instead?"

Most people tend to think this way.

However, as explained above, the answer is always to use more of the Sage Face Oil for Combination Oily Skin (or Rosewood Face Oil for normal dry skin).

Face Oils rehydrate skin at a deep level but the skin surface must also be protected and nurtured. Usually it is best to stay with the moisturisers for your skin type but some combination oily skin types who love the velvety texture of the nutritive moisturisers for normal dry skin do like to take the opportunity in cooler months to swap to the beautiful and slightly richer textured Damask Rose Day Creme during the day.

But whichever the type of moisturiser—remember to always apply it with a nutritive Face Oil underneath. 

That's what really stops skin drying out in cold weather.

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