How exercise can improve your skin

05 October 2016

We constantly hear about the benefits of physical activity for our heart, lungs, mental health and general well being. But there’s also an even more important reason to stay active; to keep our skin healthy and glowing. There are many benefits that exercising regularly can give to our skin - we asked health and fitness specialists WellActive to list the top six reasons to get you moving.

1. Help your skin radiate and shine

Our skin is our largest organ for detoxification and so it comes as no surprise that sweating not only leads to increased blood flow, but also helps remove metabolic waste. Improved blood flow helps move oxygen and nutrients to your skin, something that is key for a clear, radiant complexion.

2. Reduce stress - increase glow

When we exercise, our brain releases various chemicals including serotonin which help to reduce stress and anxiety. These happy hormones can instantly boost your energy and help you to feel calm and more relaxed. Even better, exercising regularly and keeping stress and tension out of your life helps you maintain healthy, glowing skin.  Stress is often one of the contributing factors to skin problems.

3. Healthy hair

Exercise helps to nourish your skin and also to nurture your scalp. The increase in blood circulation to your scalp results in the healthy development and maintenance of hair follicles.

4. The beauty of inner confidence

Just 30 minutes of light jogging, aerobics, or walking can ease the pressures of your day. Exercise boosts neuro-transmitters, which help to calm the mind.  The body and soul followbringing about a more confident, calm you.  We all know that wonderful self-assurance that comes from feeling good in your own skin.

5. Sound sleep

Sound sleep is very important for our overall health and well-being. Lack of sleep can directly affect the appearance of our skin. Even one night of poor sleep can take the freshness out of the skin and leave it looking dull. Restful sleep helps to give our skin a glow and as well as using nutritive, natural skin care and eating a healthy diet is a must for younger looking skin.

How does exercise help us to sleep more soundly? Regular gentle exercise helps reduce muscle tension and ultimately, this helps ensure we can sink into a more restful, sound sleep each night.

6. Fresh and clean

Now that you know how regular exercise can help to revitalise skin, also remember to stay hydrated during and after exercising and to keep your skin clean and well moisturised. Simplicité’s Plant Gel Cleanser refreshes and gently cleans the skin after a workout without stripping moisture or nutrients.

Not sure what exercise is best for you? WellActive is a new marketplace launching soon. WellActive allows you to connect with local health and fitness coaches and trainers based on your specified needs and goals. Visit www.wellactive.com.au now if you would like to register your interest.

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