How To Get High With Lavender

07 April 2016

Only Lavender grown at a high altitude is suitable for our very high quality natural skin care.

High = high altitude = medicinal grade = the best skin results.

Did you know that Lavender used in most skin care products won't give the best results for your skin?

In fact it may even cause skin sensitivities because often it's adulterated with other components.

For Lavender to give the best natural skin care results it must be medicinal grade.

Lavender in natural skin care must be strong and vital

Medicinal grade plants are strong and vital

Medicinal grade means the high activity, high quality plant extracts that are used in medicines and herbal remedies. 

Medicinal grade plants must struggle to grow in their natural, often harsh environment. This is how a plant becomes strong and vital. Sometimes it’s growing at high altitudes that makes a plant struggle to exist. Or it might be poor soil or a very hot or cold climate.

By contrast, just because a plant is 'organic' doesn't mean it is strong and vital. Organic plants have usually been over-watered in a bid to increase crop yield. Fair enough - it’s lower quality though and that’s just what we don’t want in Simplicité products.

Getting high with French and Italian Lavender 

At Simplicité we don’t use Australian lavender in our natural skin care products - we'd certainly like to, but it doesn't grow at a high enough altitude.

Medicinal grade lavender must grow at above 1000 metres so we source our Lavender from the French and Italian Alps where it grows naturally at those altitudes. 

The best natural skin care uses lavender grown at high altitude

Australian Lavender is suitable for many uses – just not in our high quality natural skin care.. 

So, though we try as much as possible to source our plants and herbs from within Australia we can’t use Australian Lavender.

Low quality lavender can cause skin sensitivity

Also, much of the lavender grown in Australia and other lower altitudes than that of the French and Australian Alps tends to be camphorous. Camphorous lavender in skin products often causes skin sensitivities.

Sometimes customers have said to us they were at first apprehensive about trying Simplicité products because they could see Lavender in many of the product ingredient lists  (Lavender is used in 19 of 45 Simplicité products.)

They said in the past they'd had skin reactions when using  natural skin care products containing lavender.

But - when we explained the difference between the medicinal grade Lavender we use and the type that's grown at lower altitudes they understood. Also, some essential oils, including lavender, are contaminated to the extent that there is actually very little lavender in the there oils. 

We’ve never heard of any skin reactions to our Lavender.

Results rely on quality

Sometimes a plant called 'Lavandin' is used instead of lavender.

Lavendin is too low a quality for our natural skin care

Lavandin is a hybrid of Lavender, a lowland plant which is often used in place of true Lavender. Lavandin oil is used in fragrance candles and soaps and other scented products.

Most lavender used in the skin care industry is grown commercially at low and mid level altitudes. It simply can't possess the activity and power of the wild-grown variety. And the lower the quality the less suitable it is to use in skin care products. 

High grown Lavender's high quality benefits

In our highest quality natural skin care products Lavender balances oil in the skin, encourages elasticity, reduces surface scarring, calming, inhibits bacteria and soothes acne and pimples.

Uniquely, Simplicité products are made from freshly freshly produced plant extracts, using the highest quality plants and herbs available.

Best quality Lavender is not a brown powder

When skin care brands don't make their own plant extracts (as Simplicité does), they source these from a commercial supplier.

Very often the plant extracts are grown in China then processed in Chinese factories. The end result is vastly different to our freshly made, medicinal grade plant extracts.

Here's an example of a bulk supplier plant extract website page - not fresh by a long way...

Best natural skin care does not use powdered plant extracts

Give your skin a high with best Lavender benefits

For the very best skin results start with these Simplicité products containing our medicinal grade Lavender.

Sundew Cleansing Milk - a sublime feeling, gently effective cleanser.

Rosehip and Lavender Complexion Refiner - a naturally extracted Vitamin C ‘rub off’ exfoliator/mask that stimulates collagen production.

Or use all six of our trial sizes in the Trial Pack for your skin type.

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